• Humanity and our struggles are incredibly complex.
  • Each person is unique and is shaped by personal choices, needs, experiences, genetics, environments, and beliefs.
  • All the facets of a person--heart, mind, body and soul--are interconnected, influence wholeness and can be woven into strategies for change.
  • Wellness is a way of optimal life in which heart, mind, body and soul are integrated to create balance and harmony.
  • Interventions are unique to each person, aligning with the individual’s personal goals and resources.
  • Everyday intentional choices and small changes can lead to growth, healing and wholeness of life.
  • The best intervention plan combines the most effective conventional and complementary treatments available on a realistic budget, and in line with personal and cultural beliefs and values.
  • Optimal healing and change occur when we partner together, grounded in authentic, compassionate relationship and community.
  • Positive social connection, community support and education are vital components of wellness.

Integrated, whole person wellness is not a new concept. Traditional Chinese medicine, dating back more than 2,000 years, is founded upon the body as an integrated whole and emphasizes the mind-body connection. Greek and Roman philosophies of health also focused on prevention and lifestyle choices. Greek physician Hippocrates emphasized the importance of establishing balance within individuals, viewing the person as a whole being made up of many parts working in concert with one another. Roman communities were among the first to have public baths with pools, gymnasiums and massage rooms.

Today, there is increasing evidence that they were right: Our relationships, thoughts, emotions, physical activities and nutrition are closely interwoven, each one blending into the other and positively or negatively affecting the whole. These trends continue to grow and Whole Again Counseling and Wellness is founded on the idea that wellness is a way of optimal life in which heart, mind, body and soul are integrated to create balance and wholeness.