Change isn’t easy. We know. At Whole Again Counseling + Wellness, our providers focus on getting to know the whole person--not just one part of you.

By exploring your struggles, along with your personal strengths, we can blend together strategies in cognitive skills, nutrition, mindfulness, stress reduction, movement, body work, and education to help you change the way you feel and live. We are in your corner supporting you as you rediscover the wholeness of heart, mind, body and soul.

Our treatment approach is grounded in integrative, whole-person wellness. This means that we inquire about different aspects that make up your life and that you believe contribute to making you well or less well. These include mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional/relational wellness. Whole-person wellness therapies can be used to address many challenges you may face—depression, anxiety, mood instability, chronic stress, substance abuse and trauma. These symptoms are often the messengers that are trying to tell you something in your life needs to change.

Our view is that imbalance or deficits in one or more of these areas may be related to your struggles. We also believe that by identifying and mobilizing your wellness strengths, we will be equipped to address the concerns that led you to seek help. A wellness approach is focused on prevention. In other words, sustaining wellness can reduce your risk of future mental, physical or emotional problems.

True wellness and healing come from integrating the fragmented parts of ourselves, reconnecting the whole person you were always meant to be.