Whole Again Counseling + Wellness offers a safe and comfortable place to explore substance use disorders for individuals and families.

Both Ginger Stephens and Amanda Turner are licensed chemical dependency counselors and have spent years working with those who experience addiction. We can work one-on-one or with couples and families to offer treatment, education and prevention. We also offer weekly therapeutic recovery groups.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your options for substance use counseling consultation or intake session, please call (936)305-3070 to schedule your Comprehense Wellness Intake. 


Ginger Stephens serves as an Ambassador for Herren Project, a national nonprofit organization providing free resources and support for the treatment, recovery and prevention of substance use disorder. Ambassadors are community members who go the extra mile to connect others to Herren Project’s services and promote the power of recovery. Treatment and recovery services from Herren Project include treatment placement assistance, long-term recovery support for individuals and families, online support groups, as well as scholarships for treatment programs, recovery housing and recovery coaching. 

Please click on the link below for more information on more information on Herren Project: