Whole Again Counseling + Wellness is committed to offering cost-effective community education and engaging activities related to various health and wellness topics each month. Each of our providers hosts community opportunities.

Be sure to check out our calendar of events and offerings each month. We will continue to expand our services over the next few months.


Experience a fun and creative way to express your artistic side using acrylic paints. Pouring art, also known as flow art, or fluid art, is a simple technique that any and all ages and abilities will enjoy! Swish and swirl your own unique design. Craig Thomas, artist, and instructor will help you discover your inner artist. You'll go home with your own original piece of artwork! All supplies included.

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Join in creativity, connection and community in this engaging three-session art class. Relax and enjoy learning and experimenting with watercolor painting techniques while tapping into your authentic self-expression. In this watercolor workshop for artists of all levels (beginners through advanced levels) you will receive step-by-step, encouraging art instruction by artist Craig Thomas.This series will consist of 3 sessions on consecutive Saturdays.

Class I - Focusing on how to use pencils, brushes, and paints. Choosing color pallets, designing composition, and exploring different techniques of watercolor.
Class II - Please bring a photo of your choice to sketch and paint using the various styles you have learned so far. Finish initial sketch.
Class III - Continue painting and make final touches to complete your piece o the original artwork.
All materials/supplies are provided.

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Communication of emotion has focused primarily on the neural mechanisms of communicating via speech, despite the fact that emotion is also communicated through nonverbal cues and silence. The communication of emotion is a bidirectional process, including both sensitivity to the emotional cues of others as well as the expression of internal emotional states to others.

Drumming is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing, connectedness and self-expression. Research shows that drumming promotes wellness, producing pleasurable experiences, enhanced awareness, release of emotional trauma, and reintegration of self. Together we will explore the voiceless communication process and identify the benefit of communicating with patience through the process of rhythm. 

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AvenueChat is an small group that explores the power and healing properties that exist in open conversation. It is peer-to-peer conversation with people that matter, also known as everybody – from the local artist, high school English teacher and veteran diagnosed with PTSD, to the son of a local humanitarian. AvenueChat is designed for testimony to be told and transparency explored.

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