At Whole Again Counseling + Wellness, we understand that movement is essential to maintaining our physical health, establishing and sustaining our relationships, expressing our emotions, and engaging in life's activities. Our providers meet you exactly where you are to help you create a lifestyle of mindful movement. 

Barre Flow Yoga Pilates Fitness


Barre Flow is a high-intensity, low-impact workout focusing on strengthening, lengthening, and increasing balance using elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga & functional fitness. Participants can expect to perform a series of body-weight and isometric exercises set to the beat of the music. The "barre" is actually a ballet barre, but don't worry, no experience or fitness level is required to participate. Any fitness level is welcome!

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This class is a great way for kids ages 8 to 12 to channel their energy, get moving, learn to express themselves positively, and HAVE FUN! The class focuses on the principles of yoga, Pilates, dance, and functional movement; but also incorporates sport-specific training geared towards individual goals and levels. Benefits include increased flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina, improved posture, increased balance and coordination, and improved confidence.

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MaitrÄ« has been described as an unconditional friendship with oneself. This will serve as the foundational theme of this weekly class. The class will utilize traditional yoga poses and breathing practices to facilitate the cultivation of mindful awareness, self-compassion, and stress management. Attendees will experience emotional, physical, and mental benefits from attending the class. Appropriate for all levels of yoga practice. 

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Release the stress of the workweek behind you and invite ease into the weekend with this restorative class focused on aligning your heart, mind, body, and soul. Appropriate for all levels of yoga practice. 

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Join us on the fourth Sunday of the month for a free yoga class designed to stretch your limbs, relax your mind and spirit, and allow you to spend time with other east Texans. This class is appropriate for all levels, including those who are brand new to yoga! 

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Whether you like to ease into the weekend or workout early in the morning, this class is a great way to start your weekend! The physical focus is on stretching and releasing soft tissue through yoga postures and other gentle movements. In addition, breathwork and mindfulness are encouraged throughout each practice to help participants relax. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and abilities and is taught alternately by Arrie Tucker and Cyndra Krogen-Morton. 

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Therapeutic Yoga fosters development of mind-body awareness, allowing you to develop a deeper awareness of your internal emotional state. This translates into an ability to better listen and respond to the body’s messages. A therapeutic yoga practice can build self-regulation and executive brain functioning, calming and integrating the emotional limbic system of the brain. Therapeutic Yoga still has the exercise and physical benefits of yoga, but is more personalized, goes a little more slowly, makes room for individualized practice. The approach is tailored to the individual, even in a group setting. This class meets you where you are, all are welcome.

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Are you "afraid" of the gym? Would you prefer a private setting to work individually with a trainer? Whole Again's Functional Fitness Room lets you do just that!

Functional fitness begins with establishing your individual baseline and starting from there. In other words, your trainer starts where you are, compares it to where you want to go, and then designs the program that’s right for you.  A functional fitness session will utilize everyday movements like walking, running, jumping, lifting, carrying, and throwing. The point is to help you do the daily movements of life with strength so that your physical body stays healthy and ready for the activities of life!

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