Whole Again Counseling + Wellness weaves mindfulness practices into therapeutic counseling sessions, nutrition education, and our movement and fitness classes.

How well do you focus or pay attention to the present moment? Are you aware of your body and senses, what they are telling you? So often we go through our daily life without really experiencing it. 

Mindfulness and meditation are practices that involve consciously focusing on a single point of reference and attending non-judgmentally to the present moment. It can involve focusing on the breath, bodily sensations, or a word or phrase. Mindfulness encourages awareness and acceptance of things as they are rather than as we would like them to be. All that is required is bringing focused, moment-by-moment attention to whatever is in the present moment. 

Engaging in mindfulness practices helps one to develop a state of peace in the midst of chaos and stress. Among evidenced-based benefits, mindfulness practices help reduce stress, increase attention and concentration, increase one’s ability to empathize with others, reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms, and help with pain management.  Regular practice can help one to become grounded and cultivate inner strength and responsiveness to our circumstances.