When it comes to nutrition, your daily choices and small changes can make a big impact on your health. A lifestyle of mindful eating is about so much more than just food! Theresa Tkacik, RDN, can help you learn to make better nutrition choices. 
Sessions will include information about: 

  • Understanding your unique nutritional needs
  • Building healthy habits
  • Choosing nutrient dense whole foods
  • Mind/Body techniques for healthy eating, including meditation, yoga and mindfulness 

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Corporate Wellness Programs
Whole Again Counseling + Wellness can help your business offer personalized, whole-person wellness programs for your organization to empower and re-energize your employees. We develop customized presentations and workshops for organizations based on their unique needs. These comprehensive workshops address the sources, effects and solutions to stress through practical tools for healthy and balanced living. Topics to choose from include work-life balance, practical relaxation, stress management, stress response and weight gain, mindfulness, and coping with trauma.