Beth Thomas Beth Thomas, Licensed Massage Therapist

With more than 17 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Medical Massage Practioner, Beth Thomas specializes in rehabilitative and restorative massage therapy. She also has specific training to work with senior clients. Each session is tailored to the client’s needs and goals and every client receives a personalized program to optimize their potential.

Beth began her massage career in Austin where she attended A New Beginning School of Massage. She had the opportunity to train for her Medical Massage certification in Costa Rica in 2011. Two years later, she went back to Costa Rica to train in Advanced Medical Massage.

Beth is a native of Nacogdoches, and after 30 years of being away from East Texas, she is delighted to be back in the Piney Woods. She welcomes new clients and offers many types of massage with a positive intention.

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